Monday, 28 April 2014

Starting Best Day Ever, because every day is the best day ever....

 Yo Guys, I am taking some time out to concentrate on doing freelance design and riding loads, with a big fat relaunch planned in 2015. Read my public statement below :)

This is a statement from Anna Glowinski, founder of AnaNichoola LTD.

“After nearly five incredible whirlwind years I am announcing my resignation from AnaNichoola LTD, the women’s cycle clothing brand that I started in my bedroom and turned into a successful, award winning business. I will now be found working on my creative agency . Considering my passion for design and women’s cycling, this may come as a surprise to customers and people who know me, especially now that the brand is firmly on the map in the bike industry.  However, as it grew, AnaNichoola was being taken in a direction that I was not comfortable with as a designer, campaigner for women’s cycling and a businesswoman.

As you can imagine, it was a big decision but it is actually with a whole load of excitement that I am taking a year out to help other brands do fun, exciting and cool things in the sports industry. In launching, I will be working with the most inspirational people I have met along the way.

In 2015 I will be starting afresh with a new investment team, a new name, and a new business strategy. I will also be riding my bike. A lot. Because if I am not riding myself, how will I know what my customers really want?”

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Photo credit (C) Grant Robinson

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